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Events 22-23

It was another busy year at Oakfield ...

Community Support / Fundraising

Macmillan Coffee Afternoon

We held a coffee and cake afternoon to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support with parents and staff donating cakes. 

Our school councillors helped Mr Cooke plan the event and they sold cakes on the day. We raised £184.62!

Remembrance Day

To mark Remembrance Day, our KS2 children walked down to the memorial in Totton for the service. They were a marvellous representation of Oakfield Primary School. 

At school, KS1 had an assembly then observed the silence. Two of our children laid a wreath in the courtyard.

We raised an amazing £252.73.

Cystis Fibrosis Day

A Year 6 pupil delivered an assembly about Cystic Fibrosis and Wear Yellow Day. It was really informative and the children enjoyed learning about something they may not have heard about before. Donations were collected by the school gates and everyone wore their brightest yellow! 

We raised over £180.

Harvest Festival 

The whole school headed to Testwood Baptist Church and celebrated harvest together. We also gave out our latest set of certificates and headteacher's awards. The children did a fabulous job sharing their learning, singing and walking sensibly from school. And our School Ambassadors did a great job of leading the assembly. We loved sharing our festival and were grateful for all of the donations to the Basics Bank. 

South Korean visitors

Oakfield had some lovely visitors from Korea. They gave an amazing musical performance using instruments including the ukulele, haegeum and drums. The Korean children then went to the classrooms. They taught KS2 some origami which was a little tricky but our children were very pleased with their paper boats. Our children asked some brilliant questions and found out that their new friends shared very similar school subjects, that they ate rice, fish or soup for lunch and that they had travelled for 24 hours to get to England! Year 4 learned that in Korea when you are born you are already one year old!

In KS1, Year 1 shared their singing and they all sung Happy Birthday to a child. They then sang ‘Twinkle, Twinkle’ altogether. Year 2 were taught how to say hello and how to write their names in Korean.

The Korean children joined in at breaktime and enjoyed lunch in the hall before leaving us.

Reading Celebration

To celebrate the amount of reading our children did over the summer, we held our Reading Celebration. The children met in the hall then chose which adult's story they wanted to listen to. This was followed by an ice lolly. 

A visit from a gymnast

Oakfield had a visit from British gold medal gymnast Kelly Simm. With help from Kelly and Nerys, the sportivater, Oakfield enjoyed a mega workout combining spotty dogs, mountain climbers, press ups and star jumps. The children worked up a sweat but took great pride in supporting and encouraging each other. Once the children had recovered, Kelly hosted an assembly where she demonstrated her gymnastic ability, answered questions and even showed the children her gold medal from the 2022 Commonwealth Games. It was a truly inspiring experience and hopefully will encourage the children to chase their dreams and be resilient.

Bedtime Stories

Lots of children came back to school in their PJs for our Bedtime Stories event. They got to choose which story they wanted to listen to then went with that grown up for the story and an activity. Their adults stayed in the hall for book shopping and a presentation about bedtime reading. There was then hot chocolate and a biscuit before heading home to bed! 

Children in Need

Oakfield went SPOTacular for Children in Need! It was great to see everybody dressed in their spotty clothing. The school council organised an assembly about Children in Need and led a throwing game at lunchtime. 

Qatar World Cup

The children had the chance to watch England's football match v Iran in the World Cup. The morning's learning was themed around the Qatar World Cup and they had the chance to earn a ticket to watch the big game in the hall, through demonstrating their habits of mind and adhering to the school rules.

For those not wanting to watch the game, there were other activities available around school for them to explore.

It was a great afternoon, topped off with an England win!

Christmas Activities

Our School Ambassadors helped to choose the Christmas tree

Making lanterns for Totton Lantern Parade

Posting surprises to our families

Watching 'Cinderella', performed by M&M Productions

Christmas decorations were made then sold at the fayre

The children enjoyed decorating the tree

Year R designed a Christmas tree

Year 2 learnt about Advent

Mary and Joseph in the nativity

KS1 performed their nativity at Testwood Baptist Church

The whole school had Christmas dinner in the hall

We went to Testwood Baptist Church for our Christingle Service

World Book Day March 2023

What amazing costumes we had for World Book Day! Lots of activities were carried out in class. Here are details of some of them:

Year 2 spent time learning about The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. The children listened to the music and imagined what the story might be about. After some drama, they had a go at writing their own dairies. They then made puppets to retell the story to Year 3 who also linked their learning to The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Year 3 took part in some fun drama activities then wrote their own versions. They made shadow puppets to tell our own stories and shared them with children in Year 2.

Year 4 drew their thoughts and ideas as they listened to a piece of music called William Tell by Rossini. They then listened to the story of William Tell and discussed how it inspired the music and compared it to their initial thoughts. Interestingly, there was a running theme from the children, of storms, chases, boats and military invasion which matched well with the original! The children wrote a blurb for the back cover of the story and designed front covers, taking inspiration from the beautiful illustrations in the book. The children performed their blurbs to the class and were a fantastic, supportive audience! They also collaborated as a whole class to reproduce one of the images from the book, using collage paper and fabric to bring the book to life.

Year 6 began the day by listening to ‘The Swan of Tuonela’ by Jean Sibelius and considered: how the story made them feel; what they could hear; and what they story was about. They then read the story of Lemminkainen’s quest to marry the maid of the north. Afterwards, they used their VIPERS skills to explore the text in greater detail before designing backgrounds from the text using oil pastels.

Holi March 2023

As part of our RE learning, children took part in a key aspect of the Hindu festival of Holi by throwing coloured paint powder on the school field. Families were invited to come and watch our celebration of colour.


Mother's Day Breakfast March 2023

To celebrate Mother's Day we invited Mums, Nans and other caregivers in for breakfast. The adults enjoyed a cuppa and a pastry whilst the children had a drink and biscuit. 


Science Fair March 2023

We held a Science Fair at school. Many children brought in experiments and other learning to share with the class. Parents were invited in to school to see the fabulous work everyone had done. 

Coronation Celebration May 2023

The children celebrated the King’s Coronation in school. They wore red, white and blue and joined together for lunch in the hall. Activities were carried out in class, with stalls and a cake sale set up in the afternoon. The PTA provided each child with a commemorative medal. Here are some details:

After sharing ‘Winnie the Pooh Meets the King’, Year R remembered lots of facts about Buckingham Palace and King Charles. The children also drew a picture of themselves for a giant card which will be sent to King Charles. They proudly wore their nature crowns for lunch.

Year 1 learnt how school was different in the 1950's and 1960's when the King would have been at school. They then enjoyed the whole school street party style lunch before writing good luck messages for the King.

Year 2 completed a timeline of the King’s life and wrote cards.

Year 3 did some Collaborative Art. Each child had a piece of colouring but didn’t know what it was. When they had all finished they put the pieces together to make the whole picture!

Year 4 made a lot of noise composing music. They enjoyed a lovely lunch and lots of Coronation themed activities in the afternoon.

Year 5 were engineers, learning about structures and different ways to make supportive structures. They practised some different techniques and then used them in their designs for a new palace for King Charles.

Year 6 learnt about the visit to King Charles by the South African president. The children researched some of the traditions that take place during a state visit and considered why it was important for Great Britain to have positive relationships with countries in the commonwealth.

Father's Day Breakfast June 2023

We held a Father's Day Breakfast in schools. Lots of Dads, Grandads, Uncles and other carers joined the children for a drink and a pastry. 

Sports Day June 2023


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