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Getting Started

New to ClassDojo?

  1.  Download the ClassDojo app.

  2. Open app and tap 'Parent' to create a parent account. 

  3. Enter name, email and create a password. 

  4. Tap ‘Add child (+)’ and use the code given to you.

Already have a Parent Account on ClassDojo?

  1. Open the ClassDojo app on your phone.

  2. Log in as a Parent (if you aren’t already). Ensure you’re logged in as a Parent, not a Student or Teacher!

  3.  Tap the 'Kids monster' at the bottom of your screen and then tap 'Add child'.

  4. Add child using the code given to you.

Checking Your Child's Points

You can see if your child has earned points each day without subscribing to 'Class Dojo Plus'.

We don't take points away from children once they have been earned, instead, a consequence will be put in place following our behaviour guidance.

Children's individual points will be added together and contribute to the class target. Class teachers set a class target and the children are able to vote for what their reward will be.

How To Check

1. In the top left hand corner of the app, check you are logged in as you and not your child.

2. Click 'Kids' at the bottom of the screen.

3. Click 'View Report'.

If you can't see a history of your child's points over the last 14 days, ensure that 'All Records' are selected underneath 'History' (press and hold and swipe your finger to the right if you don't see this option).

You may need to update your phone's software and apps are running the latest version.

If you need a hand, pop to the office as we know some accounts needed resetting.


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